The Meat Co.

Vegan Dinner at The Meat Co in Dubai

Probably you can not imagine a more absurd name for a restaurant a vegan would want to dine in than “The Meat Co” – neither can I. But sometimes you want to show off to your friends, family and colleagues that you can find something tasty and vegan to eat no matter where you dine. […]


Lemon & Garlic Tofu at Soy in Dubai

What started with a failed shoe shopping trip at IBN Battuta Mall ended with a great vegan lunch in the hidden Chinese garden. After my vacation, in which I broke my loved Nike Free Trainers I decided I had to use my first day off to shop for new ones. Neither Dubai Mall nor Mall […]


Vegan Appetizer Platter at Ronja in Mülheim

During the few hours I’ve spend in my home town Duisburg this summer I was curious to find vegan hotspots in North-Rhine Westphalia. As I was planning to have dinner with my Dad and Grandma in a vegan-friendly restaurant, my Dad found the vegetarian / vegan restaurant ‘Ronja’ in Mülheim (20 minutes drive from Duisburg). […]