Le Pain Quotidien

Vegan Chia Muffin at Le Pain Quotidien in Dubai

Le Pain Quotidien has recently updated their menu (at least in the Middle East) and now clearly marks their vegan options. While I first got introduced to Le Pain Quotidien in Kuwait (not vegan at that point), I already liked the French concept with the wooden chairs and freshly baked bread two years ago. Now, […]


Vegan Salad Vietnam at Rosarium in Regensburg

The Bistro Rosarium was definitely not recommended by anyone for their great vegan options, but apparently one of my Mum’s latest favorite restaurants, so I accepted the challenge to find more vegan food in Regensburg and went there for lunch with my Mum and Brother. It’s located not far from the old town inside the […]


Vegan Cake at Taracafé in Regensburg

Taracafé was on the first rank of vegan places to visit in Regensburg on my list – why? Because I got the recommendation from my Mum! She’s been visiting the attached Yoga Studio for years now and absolutely loves the atmosphere and was crazy about their cakes (she’s mostly vegetarian, but for sure not vegan […]

Almaz by Momo

Vegan Hummus at Almaz by Momo in Dubai

It had to be Lebanese again for dinner, but this time with a twist from the Moroccan cuisine as well! Almaz by Momo looks like a traditional Moroccan restaurant, with comfy chairs, low tables, shishas and oriental decoration and lamps everywhere! Even the music was clearly oriental and created an authentic atmosphere when I walked […]