Frozen Yogurt Sorbet at Yogurtland at the Dubai Mall

Ever since I moved to the Middle East I had become a big fan of Pinkberry – however, after turning vegan I realized that they didn’t have much on offer for me anymore besides a fruit cup. So here comes my vegan Pinkberry alternative in Dubai: Yogurtland. Yogurtland serves frozen yogurt with a huge variety […]

Zaatar w Zeit

Quinoa Tabbouleh at Zaatar w Zeit

Sometimes I need a break from preparing lunch for work every single day – and quite often I end up getting my vegan lunch at Mall of the Emirates from Zaatar w Zeit. It’s a fast food chain from Lebanon, serving fresh and authentic Lebanese food all over the region. They’ve got restaurants/branches in the […]

DIY 3 Day Juice Cleanse

My 5 Juices for Day 1

It’s Ramadan – and living in the Dubai means you actually have to adjust your daily habits to the change of do’s and dont’s in Dubai. I’ve experienced my first Ramadan in the Middle East in Kuwait last year and greatly enjoyed it. Finally there was no traffic going to work in the morning anymore […]

Al Hallab

Falafel Platter at Al Hallab in Dubai

And my hunt for the best Lebanese restaurant for vegans in Dubai continues: today’s stop: Al Hallab. Honestly, the only reason I actually went to Al Hallab is because it’s just a few steps away from my work place at Mall of the Emirates and I wanted to try a new Lebanese restaurant. I can’t […]