Pumpkin Coconut Soup at Bertin Bistro in Dubai

   During the past couple of weeks Bertin Bistro continued to pop up on my social media accounts and at some point last week, after checking out their menu online, I just had to go myself! Bertin is an all-day long restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as freshly baked pastries and […]

Cheesecake Factory

Vegan Cobb Salad at the Cheesecake Factory in Dubai

February 2019 Update: I’m still waiting for a more vegan-friendly menu and vegan cheesecake. There haven’t been any major updates to the menu at all so besides the Vegan Cobb Salad and some sides you’ll always have to ask to alter the dish to be plant-based (I still come back several times per year for […]

Freedom Pizza

My last vegan pizza from Freedom Pizza in Dubai

Freedom Pizza is by far the most vegan friendly pizzeria in Dubai, they now offer this delicious new sandwich with vegan meatloaf containing only the freshest ingredients, carrots,onions,celery,tomatoes mushrooms and garlic. their multigrain bread is baked fresh everyday so you can be guaranteed that it will taste fantastic! If you are craving for a healthy quick […]


Golden Fried Tofu at Fuchsia in Dubai

February 2019 Update: Since my first visit I went to Fuchsia’s newer branch in Bay Square a couple of times and am still a huge fan of their food & concept. Dishes are now labelled vegan / vegan on request, which makes dining with them even easier and there’s a new weekend brunch menu with […]


Vegan Soya Latte at Starbucks in Dubai

February 2019 Update: After reminding my barista every single visit of how necessary it was to offer other plant-based milk alternatives at Starbucks in Dubai it finally happened in 2017! Starbucks now also offers almond & coconut milk in the UAE and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. However there are still many vegan […]


Vegan Burrito at Taqado in Dubai

February 2019 Update: Yes! Taqado has launched a separate vegan menu, which they call Lean Bean Menu. On there you can find the Vegan Earth Salad (50 AED) as well as Vegan Quesadillas (with vegan cheese! – 42 AED) amongst other options. Definitely one of the most vegan-friendly option in Dubai’s fast food restaurant market! […]


Tabbouleh Sampler

Fancy a modern-retro and casual-dining Arabic experience that offers you small samplers of a lot of vegan Arabic dishes so you can taste as much as possible? Then Azkadenya, a Jordanian restaurant, located in Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah is the right place to go for you! The main reason why I tried Azkadenya […]