Pumpkin Coconut Soup at Bertin Bistro in Dubai

   During the past couple of weeks Bertin Bistro continued to pop up on my social media accounts and at some point last week, after checking out their menu online, I just had to go myself! Bertin is an all-day long restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as freshly baked pastries and […]

Freedom Pizza

My last vegan pizza from Freedom Pizza in Dubai

Especially after the temporary closure of Tidjoori (the only entirely vegan restaurant in Dubai) Freedom Pizza has become one of the places where I order from at least once a week! Why? They’ve got vegan cheese! Freedom Pizza has got 5 branches in Dubai and just opened their first one in Abu Dhabi. They advertise […]


Golden Fried Tofu at Fuchsia in Dubai

The past week has brought two huge disappointments to me in terms of vegan restaurants in Dubai: Firstly I found out through social media that the only truly vegan restaurant in Dubai – Tidjoori – has closed. It made me sad to hear and I wondered if it was due to a lack of business, […]


Vegan Soya Latte at Starbucks in Dubai

Ever wondered what you could snack on while enjoying your favorite coffee or tea at Starbucks? There are more than 50 (!!) Starbucks in Dubai so you basically have always one around the corner – no matter where you are. I just love to come there because it’s one of the places in the entire […]


Vegan Burrito at Taqado in Dubai

Mexican has always been and I can undoubtedly say will always be one of my most liked cuisines in the world! While I enjoyed it so much before I turned vegan was mostly because of a lot of sour cream and cheese being added to every dish – I still cherish it now but more […]


Tabbouleh Sampler

Fancy a modern-retro and casual-dining Arabic experience that offers you small samplers of a lot of vegan Arabic dishes so you can taste as much as possible? Then Azkadenya, a Jordanian restaurant, located in Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah is the right place to go for you! The main reason why I tried Azkadenya […]